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Back to School Responsibilities Again

It’s that time of year when mom and dad look for ways to improve their child’s academic standing during the upcoming scholastic year or, at least, they should be.

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There are many options to weigh in such as new school clothes, school supplies, peer pressure, after school care, homework, league sports, and transportation.

This is the time of year for great changes, but here are two changes that will impact your child for life and require a bit of work and commitment on your part.

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Expose your child or children to some kind of faith: The faith of your parents, your faith, your spouse’s faith, or the faith that you left behind. Set an example and start attending a temple, mosque, shrine, or church right now.

If your children have nothing to believe in, will they have a happy, productive, and successful life? You already know the answer to the question, and it requires work to teach children. Anybody can let years go by and teach their children nothing.

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Find a hobby that suits your child and have them stick to it. Oh no, more work! Yes, it is, but your child will benefit immensely from this decision.

It could be dance, Yoga, martial arts, music, gymnastics, boy scouts, girl scouts, or something else, but whatever it is, your child should initially like it. At that point have them make a commitment and don’t allow them to quit unless there is a solid reason.

If a coach, teacher, or tutor is abusive, that is an understandable reason to leave, but you can always find another coach. In truth, if you allow laziness in your child, you will receive it from them. Children will usually follow the path of least resistance, but they crave structure.

My experience has been: Children constantly turn their attitudes around, for the better, in martial arts and yoga classes. Due to the fact, that there is a formal set of existing rules and a code of conduct.

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Do not allow them to sit in a corner with a video game and television, except for rare occasions. There are too many good things going on in the “real world” that need their attention.

These two changes will instill fortitude, perseverance, and goal-setting skills that last a lifetime. The rewards can be endless, for your whole family.

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