Importance of Reading

Importance of Reading

What is the best way to spend free time? There are so many different answers to this question. It really depends on the preferences of a person. If you are lively and active, you may spend time outdoors or doing sports, if you are sociable, you may enjoy holding a party and communicating with various interesting celebrities. Some of us get so tired of the noise that they will wait till a nice evening to read a nice book to relax or to learn something new or to get to the new world of wonders and travel in it, forgetting about the stressors of reality.

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But these are only some of us. What about those, who detest even the appearance of the book and are sure that they are allergic to its smell?

There are a lot of other ways to get educated and to entertain oneself, but there is no substitute for reading. If you try, you can find that it can be a lot of fun. For instance, it is a very good idea to read books to little children, even infants, that way they get used to your voice and the manner of talking. The bonus is that you’ll get practice and you can read whatever is interesting to you.

Some of the reasons behind people's dislike of books are closely connected with poor planning of school literature programs. Sometimes you can find books there that are not age-appropriate. I’m quite sure that it is useless for a fifth grader to read Kafka’s “Plague” and similar, or to study “Odyssey” during the first college year.

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What is needed is careful planning at a system level. At this level, everything can be taken into consideration; starting from reports at seminars and finishing with the careful examination of the last literature essay. Of course, sometimes it may be easier to find something else to do other than to read a ‘boring’ book, but this is how you can educate yourself and increase your intelligence in eyes of others.

When we do not read, we are ignoring our heritage, and in a sense, we are showing a lack of gratitude for that heritage. Thousands and millions of masterpieces are waiting to be picked up and read! Then we should take the time to discuss our thoughts with a close circle of friends.

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However, one should be selective about what to read. Just as with movies, there are some books that shouldn’t be read at various ages or certain life orientations. Books that cover serious topics that are read at a young age can influence the process of building the young person’s personality. Therefore, what we must do is cultivate attentive, grateful, and interested readers, by bringing them up with the help of necessary and appropriate literature.

Reading different books that cover different styles will widen our outlook and give us more opportunities for growth and success. So read with pleasure and enjoy what you’re reading!

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