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Review: How to build your confidence — and spark it in others

Speaker: Brittany Packnett
Date: April 2019
Location: Vancouver, BC

Description from TED website:
“Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows,” says educator and activist Brittany Packnett. In an inspiring talk, she shares three ways to crack the code of confidence — and her dream for a world where revolutionary confidence helps turn our most ambitious dreams into reality.

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My Review / Notes / Thoughts

Are you a confident person? Do you know how to build confidence up in yourself or in others? If the answers to either of these questions are “no” then you need to watch this talk.

As a woman whose first 19 years of her career were in a male-dominated field, I have struggled with building up and developing my confidence. Ms. Packnett’s talk really spoke to me, and I hope it speaks to you as well. Building confidence in our young people is extremely important for the whole of our society.

That being said, I believe this talk can be used in a multitude of ways. The first way that comes to mind is in employee development. Certainly in the education industry, but I suspect it would work well in most other industries as well. This talk could be shown during a development day, and then groups could break out and discuss their thoughts from the talk. Alternatively, the groups could be given “points to consider” that pull out specific areas of concern an employer might have, and the group could discuss those points.

Inside education, this talk could be used easily with students in a Teacher Education program. Those students certainly need to learn the value of developing confidence in those that they will be charged with educating in the near future. While a group discussion on the points in this video is one way to engage the students, alternatives might be a paper or a research project delving into the ways to develop confidence in children. A similar method could be utilized for students in a Psychology program.

Of course, there are always first-year college students who could benefit from seeing this video. It can help them learn to build up confidence in themselves and each other.

How can you see utilizing this talk? I’m sure there are many other ways this talk could be of benefit!

Until next time … live long, life-learner!

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