Teaching reading to your child

Teaching reading to your child

One of the most effective teaching methods for children is to use materials that the child has a natural interest in. Teaching reading to your child is no exception. Many kids have a natural interest in animals. Right from the beginning, you can have great success using their natural curiosity and affection for animals to teach the basic formations and sounds that are associated with the letters and pictures. This naturally can progress into using the same to aid in teaching reading to them as well.

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There are several children's magazines available that are dedicated to the animal-child connection. As kids get a bit older you might even subscribe to a couple of the magazines for them. You talk about generating interest! Just wait till the kids realize that every so often the mailman brings them a present. They can't wait and it certainly helps with teaching reading to kids. If your kids are struggling to read or maybe struggling to get interested in reading, use a tool that they are naturally interested in. For example, for kids interested in animals, animal stories and magazines were a great way to get started teaching reading.

Find a magazine that seems to fit the age level of your child. For younger children, I recommend one that has big bright colorful pictures with interesting facts. One of our favorite children's magazines is Zoobooks. Some even have interactive puzzles and games the child can play and learn. A simple search on the internet of "children + animals + magazine" will turn up many choices for you.

Teaching reading to your child is 100 times easier when you employ the use of a subject that children naturally want to know more about. In fact, one thing that you may discover is that once one of the magazines had been used and is no longer current, they made great tools for the kids to cut some of the pictures out and make bulletin boards, calendars, and it made a great start in getting to the next level of reading by learning to make up their own stories and adventures using the pictures they cut out and the information from the magazines!

Whatever your choice of tools you are considering using to teach reading to your child, I highly recommend the use of some good children's magazines.

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