Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence 1st Edition


by Daniel Goleman (Author), Lisa Bennett (Author), Zenobia Barlow (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition

A new integration of Goleman’s emotional, social, and ecological intelligence 

Hopeful, eloquent, and bold, Ecoliterate offers inspiring stories, practical guidance, and an exciting new model of education that builds – in vitally important ways – on the success of social and emotional learning by addressing today’s most important ecological issues.

This book shares stories of pioneering educators, students, and activists engaged in issues related to food, water, oil, and coal in communities from the mountains of Appalachia to a small village in the Arctic; the deserts of New Mexico to the coast of New Orleans; and the streets of Oakland, California to the hills of South Carolina. 

Ecoliterate marks a rich collaboration between Daniel Goleman and the Center for Ecoliteracy, an organization best known for its pioneering work with school gardens, school lunches, and integrating ecological principles and sustainability into school curricula. For nearly twenty years the Center has worked with schools and organizations in more than 400 communities across the United States and numerous other countries. 

Ecoliterate also presents five core practices of emotionally and socially engaged ecoliteracy and a professional development guide.

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“In this pioneering book, Dan Goleman and his collaborators demonstrate―in vivid and compelling fashion―how education can be transformed through a synthesis of these intelligences.”―Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“In the 21st century, we need a new relationship with nature, a redefinition of both environmentalism and ecoliteracy. Ecoliterate offers a roadmap for educators―and the rest of us―to that future, one based on empathy, kinship, natural intelligence, and hope. We’re in their debt for showing the way.”― Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

“Gutsy, eloquent, moving, Ecoliterate is a masterpiece of motivation and practical guidance. Yes, it is perfect for educators, but it is also perfect for students, parents, grandparents, and all of us yearning to contribute to life on our planet. Ecoliterate will help young people discover their own power―and that genie is impossible to get back in the bottle! I love this book.”―Frances Moore Lappé, author of EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want

“Beautifully written, accessible, and urgently important, Ecoliterate introduces us to individuals and communities around the country who in very real, practical ways are demonstrating that a new world is possible. No harangue here; this is about hope, embodied in educating our children―head, heart, and hands―to deeply understand how to take care of themselves, their neighbors, and the natural world on which we all depend.”―Michael Ableman, farmer and author of From the Good Earth, On Good Land, and Fields of Plenty

“To be Ecoliterate is to be equipped to be Earth Citizens, to reach our full potential as human beings. This important book shows us how.”―Vandana Shiva, Founder, Navdanya International and author of Soil Not Oil

“Timely, important, healing, and hopeful―Ecoliterate is a ‘must read, must implement’ guide to a healthy and sustainable present and future.”―Cheryl Charles, President and CEO, Children & Nature Network

“The Center for Ecoliteracy has for years been a preeminent thought leader for how we can educate our children in a way that creates generations of earth-stewards. Ecoliterate is a much-needed guide for exactly how to accomplish this goal and includes great examples that demonstrate the success of their approach.”―Oran B. Hesterman, Ph.D., President and CEO, Fair Food Network

–This text refers to the paperback edition.


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