The Seven-Day Weekend : A Better Way to Work in the 21st Century


by Ricardo Semler (Author)

Email and paperwork have invaded homes. Most people know how to work on Sunday evening. But no one yet knows how to go to the cinema on Monday afternoon. A new way to work is needed. Since “Maverick!” was published, the growth and success of Semco have been explosive: it’s now five times bigger than it was four years ago. It has embraced the internet world, expanded in services, and employs 2,300 people, compared to 350 when “Maverick!” was written. A new way of working has emerged at Semco of which the tell-tale signs are: hammocks where people rest during the day, Retire-a-Little Plans, the end of the head office, the abolition of control and boarding school mentality. The results: inordinate success for 20 years, practically non-existent staff turnover, and an organization that covers an enormous range of business activity, from machinery to environmental consulting, and from real estate advisory services to new business start-ups, smoothly and coherently. It’s time for a new way to work to be created, and Semco is leading the way. “The Seven Day Weekend” tells the fascinating and unlikely story of how this can be achieved.


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